Ikogosi warm spring: flowing alongside the warm spring is another spring which meets the warm spring at a confluence, each maintaining thermal properties with temperatures of about 70oc at the source and 37oc at the confluence.

Olosunta and Orole Hills of Ikere

These two hills are located at Northern and Southern part of the town (ikere ekiti) respectively. These steep sided hills is believed to have deities dwelling and in charge of them.

Erin Ayonigba Fish River, Erinjiyan-Ekiti

this is located in ekiti west lga and is home to the colony of sacred cat fish. This river contains a colony of sacred catfish, not consumable and highly forbidden. The fish comes out in their hundreds and it is a sight to behold.


Arinta water falls

The falls cascade down rocky hills from a great height to form a flowing pool of spring water amidst natural vegetation. A stone called the wonderful stone is about 25cm in diameter and said to be mysteriously heavy that even the strongest and the heftiest of men in the world cannot lift it.

The ancient Palace of Ooni of Ife

The palace is the home to the father and first king of the yoruba race, Oduduwa. The palace has been in existence as far back as 500BC and is the symbol of power and pride.ife is the seat of 401 deities.

The sacred River Ooni,Ile Ife

This is a myth about a barren Queen who turned herself into a river. It is believed that it can protect and if dared can lead to loss of life for the one who dared it.

Oduduwa Groove, Ile Ife

This sacred place is believed to be the place where Oduduwa(the ancestor of the yorubas) landed via a chain from heaven with a handful of sand and a cockerel to create land from water.

Opa Oranmiyan, Ile Ife

This is a granite monolith standing over 5meters above ground. The Oranmiyan staff is a commemorative stele or ancient upright stone slab bearing markings telling its own story. The Oranmiyan staff is said to have been put up where Oranmiyan himself died.

Osun Osogbo groove, Osogbo

This is a sacred forest along the banks of the osun river and is regarded as the abode for the deity of fertility.The Osun Sacred Grove is the largest and perhaps the only remaining example of a once widespread phenomenon that used to characterise every Yoruba settlement.


Igbo Olodumare, Ondo State

Igbo Olodumare, a world within our world, robed in plush vegetative apparel, is simply a mystifying place, and just as its name implies, it is ‘The Forest of the Almighty’.

Smoking Hills Golf Course, Ondo State

The largest golf course in Africa. The resort has a golf course of 140 acres carved out of surrounding jungle and rolling hills which emit smoke early in the morning and also at dawn to derive the name of the resort.

Ebomi Lake

Ebomi Lake, a 1.5km long expanse of water, located in the sleepy enclave of Ipesi Akoko. The lake is also known as ”the bottomless lake” because of its depth which is difficult to estimate.According to oral history, the people of Ipesi Akoko met Ebomi Lake at Ipesi and because they couldn’t find the appropriate words to describe their curiosity about the features of the lake, they decided to call the strangely wide body of water ”Abami’, which literally means ‘mysterious’.

15th Century Palace of Olowo of Owo

the palace is the biggest in the continent of Africa, It measures about nine and a half hectres of land. It has over 100 courtyards called “Ugha” and of which each has a specific function and was dedicated to a particular deity.

Idanre Hills,Ondo State

An ancient town where “mountains” came to have a conference and all of them decided to stay: Also called Oke Idanre, the Idanre Hill in Idanre town of Ondo State, Nigeria is situated 3,000 feet above sea level; and its physical features include the Owa's Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agboogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Aopara), and burial mounds. The Idanre Hill became a UNESCO World Heritage site October 8, 2007.

Osun Osogbo groove, Osogbo

This is a sacred forest along the banks of the osun river and is regarded as the abode for the deity of fertility.The Osun Sacred Grove is the largest and perhaps the only remaining example of a once widespread phenomenon that used to characterise every Yoruba settlement.


IITA Forest Reserve

The IITA Forest Reserve is one of the few remaining forested areas in western Nigeria. It covers 350 ha. and lies within the 1000-ha. campus which includes other wooded areas as well as a reservoir, eight lakes and ponds, wetlands, farmland and landscaped grounds, giving a rich diversity of habitats for plants and other living things. Over 200 species of birds and 220 butterfly species have been recorded since the Forest Project began, and there are 440 species on the flora checklist.

Cocoa House

The First Skyscraper In Africa, Cocoa House was initially referred to as ‘ile awon agbe’ which means the house of farmers and is an imposing 26 storey building that has a height of about 105 meters above the ground and a total land area of 1.7 hectares.

Museum Of Ibadan

One of the best ways to explore the history and culture of Nigeria is to visit the Ibadan museums that holds an array of priceless historical artifacts.

Agodi Botanical Garden

Also called Agodi Botanical Gardens, Agodi Park and Zoological Gardens, and Agodi Resort and Conference, the site is a serene environment on 150 acres of land.


Olumo Rock

Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, sits in the ancient city centre of Abeokuta – a name which means “Under the rock”; it has a height of 137 metres above sea level.

Centenary Hall

This was built in 1930. It is notable as the symbol of the Egba people's settlement in Abeokuta it was built as a testament to the resilience and prosperity of the Egba people. It marks 100 years of settlement of the Egba people in Abeokuta.

Itoku Market the home of Kampala Fabrics

This is a popular market in Abeokuta where batik known as adire is made and sold. Various colours, designs are found in the market. At the same time one would be opportune to see how batik locally called adire is made and beaten with mallets to make it shine.