1. How can I be part of the business opportunities?

Kindly fill and submit the BUSINESS FORM a DNERGP representative will contact you.

2. Does DNERGP offer visa assistance and flight bookings?

Yes we do. Kindly make a request in the LEISURE FORM

3. What is the security level in Nigeria?

Destinations selected are some of the safest states in the world. Additional Security will be provided by Corporate Guards, Nigeria’s foremost security firm. Read More

4. What medical facilities are in place for health issues?

Doctors are at every point of visit to cater for ill health that may arise due to the long distance travel and change of environment .For serious health issues, kindly seek your Doctor’s advice before travel and indicate in the LEISURE FORM.

5. How much would be needed if I decided to extend my holiday?

The amount needed for extending your holiday ranges from 500—2000 US Dollars. This depends on your destination (s) of interest and the number of additional day(s).

6. Can I postpone or cancel my travel after purchasing the package?

Packages bought can be used within one year of purchase. Packages bought are non -refundable

7. What is the longest drive I would have to endure?

Depending on the destinations and packages, the drive between tours is between 10 mins — 3hours

8. Is there a discounted fee for more than one friend that comes with me?

Yes, a 5 % discount applies from two friends and above.

9. How can my children partake in this initiative?

Kamp Afrika, a Pan African summer camp has been designed for tweens and Teens (10-16years) which will expose them to African culture, awakens their potentials, passion and values through adventure, recreation, crafts, storytelling, arts and theatre in a fun filled manner

10. Do I have to travel to Nigeria to invest in the business arm?

Investors don’t have to travel to Nigeria especially when investing under the business bridge. However, we advise prospective investors (on MUSIAD platform) to visit to better understand how best to explore the huge market.

11. What institution, guarantee, assurance is put in place for the sustenance of my investment?

Motherland beckons has been in business for over 30 years. On the business bridge platform, a financial institution ensures the continuous disbursement of returns on investment to the investor.

12. Can DNERP help me secure a land to build a company?

Yes, we can also assist in land purchase/lease of land in any location in Nigeria.

13. Will there be video coverage of me during my stay in Nigeria?

Yes. Special photo and video coverage can be arranged.

14. Will the project continue if and when Nigeria’s economy becomes stabilized?

Yes the project will continue as we believe tourism is the most viable sector any country can invest in

15. What group of tourists are DNERGP packages for?

DNERP packages are designed to suit all tourists ranging from adventurers, honeymooners, researchers/educational, archeological ,religious and business tourists.

16. Can I request for my tours to be specially designed?

Yes, we can designed tours/destinations to best suit your needs if they are not included in our already designed packages.

17. Will the Nigerian fabric and other exotic souvenirs be available ?

Yes. Shopping at Nigeria’s major markets is part of the activities to be enjoyed on the packages.

18. What is the weather report at this time in Nigeria?

Kindly click