Diaspora Nigeria Economic Recovery Plan (DNERP) is a tourism initiative designed by Motherland Beckons to revive the ailing Nigerian economy, in consonance with the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan 2017-2020-ERGP launched by the federal government. This is because we believe the much neglected tourism sector is the lowest hanging fruit that should be plucked to quickly reverse the prevailing economic downturn as revenue from tourism goes directly to the people(the taxi drivers, tour guards, souvenirs traders, hotels e.t.c) the impact of tourism can be felt directly and almost immediately.

DNERP offers Nigerians, lovers of Nigeria in Diaspora and their friends a template to contribute their own quota of resuscitating the economy by holidaying and /investing in Nigeria, thus DNERP is in two (2) distinct categories (packages): Leisure and Business.

The leisure Packages include tours to exciting destinations, accommodation, feeding, ground transport, security escort, airport protocol, live music, picnic, Kamp Africa for children and other memorable experiences.

The first business category leverages on motherland beckon’s vast business network with over eleven thousand businesses in one hundred and seventy five countries. Motherland beckons partnered with MUSIAD.The business category offers an array of opportunities in partnership, franchise ownership and distributorship of products from over 11,000 companies on the MUSIAD platform.

The second business category involves partnering with a small /medium enterprise in Nigeria through the business bridge project. Under the business bridge project, an investor funds a small/medium scale business/technical know-how that has been vetted and recommended by the administrators of the business bridge project .A financial institution ensures proper disbursement of funds to the investor. The investor gets returns for his investment without having to leave the shores of his abode

The third business category investment in La campagne Tropicana beach resort holiday homes and/or franchise. La campagne Tropicana beach resort is the world’s first African themed resort. The resort which is located at ibeju lekki and founded in 1984 has been a byword for creativity and the positive presentation of Nigeria’s culture. The fourth business category is investment in La campagne Tropicana beach resort Treats franchise La La Campagne Tropicana treat is a café-like kiosk set up in Nigerian tertiary institutions. It sells exotic cookies, biscuits, cakes, chocolates,coffee and drinks