Emir’s Palace,Kano

The Gidan Rumfa (Emir’s Palace) is the oldest and largest traditional palace in Nigeria. It is also the oldest continuous seat of authority in Nigeria. It was established by Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Rumfa (1463 – 1499). Read More

Gidan Makama Museum

Also known as Kano Museum is a building served as temporary palace of Kano before the current palace Gidan Rumfa was constructed in the 15th century. Read More

Minjibir Weaving Center,Kano

This is an area where the ancient weaving industry still thrives. Walking through this typical African Village, local weavers can be seen at their daily work. Read More

Dawakin Tofa Pottery

In Dawakin Tofa you can see pottery making at its best. Almost every citizen at Dawakin knows this art and it is still practiced in most homes.

Kofar Matar Dyeing Pits

The Kano indigo-vegetable dyeing pits as one of the most fascinating aspects of the old city. The techniques employed to obtain this look are unmatched around the world. Read More

Buturiya Wetland Game Reserve

It is an important wintering-ground for migrant birds from the Pale arctic regions of Europe, Northwestern coast of Africa and Asia. Buturiya wetland is very rich and a sanctuary for the pelican, knob-billed goose, yellow- billed stork, grey hornbill and white- faced duck etc. Read More

Ancient Nok Settlement

Nok is one of Africa’s most famous archaeological sites, which is set deep in the countryside. It’s from this area that Nigeria’s famous and much-studied terracotta sculptures originated around 500BC. Read More

Kagoro Hill

The Kagoro Hills is located at an elevation of about 1,246 meters above sea level and its scenery is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Kaduna State. It forms a range with tall trees and rocky places at the base. Read More

Kamuku National Park

The Kamuku National Park is a Nigerian National Park in Kaduna State, Nigeria, with a total area of about 1,120 km². The park has a typical Sudanian Savanna ecology. It was established in 1936 as the Native Authority Forest Reserve of Birnin Gwari under the Northern Nigeria Government. Read More

Ancient Amina Wall In Zaria

Zaria city was originally surrounded by walls built by Queen Amina, but those walls have since been removed. Read More

Kajuru Castle

Kajuru Castle is a luxury villa, built between the years 1981 until opening 1989, in early medieval style at Kajuru village in Kaduna State.Built with metre thick granite stone, it took five years to build complete with turrets, armoury and dungeon, this castle is ersatz Bavarian Castle. Read More

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